The following terms of service (the “Agreement”) is effective from the date it is signed by the “Client”, until terminated as described below (Terms & Conditions).
BETWEEN: WorkBook Press (the “Service Provider”), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Nevada with its’ head office located at:
187 E Warm Springs Rd, Suite B285, Las Vegas NV 89119 USA
AND: “__________________” (the “Client”)

WorkBook Press’ Services and Distribution Agreement comprises and integrates by the cited additional Terms and Conditions listed in Service Orders, receipts, correspondence coming from WorkBook Press, Privacy Policy, Legal Notice, Content Guidelines, compliance and approval forms, and the condition of use, managing our website (denoted to as the “Agreement”) application. "We," "Our", "Us" and “WorkBook Press” signifies to WorkBook Press LLC as employed in this Agreement, included herewith are its employees, agents, partners, representatives, parent and affiliated individuals, and imprints, proprietors, inheritors, and assigns. Contractors imply to third party publishers, agencies, distributors, retailers, vendors, and providers we do business and contract with. “Author”, “You”, “Your”, and “His/Her” connotes to the individual agreeing to this Agreement affixed with the signature below. Please note that the Agreement remains its effectivity starting on the date you signed it until its termination as implied below (“Term”).
Affixing your signature in this Agreement would imply your business with us to supply you with our publishing, and editorial products and services (“Publishing Services”), marketing, and promotional services (“Marketing Services”), book sale and distribution services (“Distribution”) [corporately referred to as the “Services”], with the purpose of publishing, selling, and/or dispersing a book through hard copies, digital, video, and/or audio format. The exact services you availed may be purchased independently or batched into a “Purchasing Package” and proposed individually or separately as “Service Orders”. The said Agreement manages and takes effect on all Services we deliver while this Agreement is within the duration of its effectivity, same goes with any acts related to the completion of the Services and other accountabilities under this Agreement.

1. RIGHTS AND LICENSESThe Work is made up of intellectual property that may fall into four categories: (1) Your Manuscript; (2) Our Work Product; (3) Our Property; and (4) Third Party Property.
Your Manuscript includes the text of the Work, in its original form as submitted by You and as edited by Us during the fulfillment of editorial Services purchased by You, and graphics or other materials, all owned or authorized in writing by the owners to be submitted by You to be incorporated into the Work.
The work we create with our contractors comprises the book design, book cover, illustrations and/or graphics, and other required contents in the procedure of the Services’ completion, not including the text of the work). Our imprint logos, watermarked names, trademarks, barcodes, and ISBN’s will remain our property, as well as the exclusivity ownership of all right, title, interest, copyright, in and to our Work and Our Ownership.
You, including the individuals you are exclusively authorized to embody in this agreement will continue to be the sole proprietors of all exclusive rights, title, and interest, in and to your manuscript.

2. FULFILLMENT OF SERVICESBefore We are required to begin fulfillment of the Services, You must submit to Us:(a) A fully completed Submission Form or other forms requested by Us;(b) Your Manuscript; and(c) Full payment for the Services availed.
We are not responsible for the loss of or damage to Your Manuscript while in transit or while in Our possession. We are not obligated to preserve or return Your Manuscript or any other submitted materials to You. Your Manuscript and Work must comply our Content Guidelines with all applicable laws and regulations. We reserve the right to conduct a content evaluation on Your Manuscript for Our internal purposes.
We will only complete the publication and/or marketing service/s once we receive the full payment of the Services You availed, otherwise, WorkBook Press reserves the right to hold the completion of the Service/s availed until we receive the full payment of the Service/s.
An electronic copy will be given to you upon your work’s creation, for your complete review before its publication. Author will be required to complete all necessary forms to imply your approval and return it to us timely, should you be satisfied with every detail of the work, if it meets your desired preference, and if you agree with the Suggested Retail Price. Once the final approval is provided, you renounce any and all claims against WorkBook Press or our contractor coming from or involving to any assumed slips, lapses, other content or rates issues learnt in the output after the final approval.
The final output will be showcased in our website and affiliated contractors once we receive the final approval of your book, reliably with the services you purchased. Your book can be sold independently in any format and handed out in one or more of the following: (a) divided with only specific parts of the book sold (b) merged, entirely or part with other works and sold as part of a bundle; (c) combined, in whole or in part with other books and distributed as part of subscription service; (d) merged, entirely or in part, then sold as part or involving a lending service. Our firm does not allow any Contractor to offer the book for sale as this will be considered the sole preference of the contractor, or that we will remain to use any specific contractor. The author is responsible for the shipping and handling fees pertinent to the shipment copies of the book towards the author, whether it comprises the services, publishing package, given free, or otherwise paid by you.

3. ROYALTIESRoyalties will be paid to You on all sales of the Work, EXCEPT: (a) sales of used copies of the Work; (b) sales of the Work to Yourself; and (c) copies of the Work given to any person or entity free of charge.
You receive 100% Royalty of the Net Proceeds from every book copy sold in print and electronic format. Net Proceeds of Your book sales is calculated from the Suggested Retail Price for each sale of the individual Work in print and electronic format through Our Contractors price and its distribution channels less printing cost, distribution cost, shipping cost, handling cost, promotional discounts and sales taxes. Royalty payments will only be made upon Your request in those quarters in which the amount due to you totals at least $50.
Your book’s total revenue and royalties are based on a calendar quarter, wherein royalty due will be paid within 90 days after the end of each calendar quarter. We can accumulate and holdback the payment until the sum amount of royalties earned is equivalent or would go over $50. We may charge you an additional fee per check if You elect to receive payments by check or draft when electronic funds transfer (EFT) is available. Please note that royalty payments will be deducted to any remaining dues from the author and is subject to restraint. WorkBook Press holds its right to regulate or modify the payment method used.

4. REFUNDS/WORK TERMINATIONEither Party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, with written notice to the other Party. When this Agreement is terminated, We will notify and demand that all of Our Contractors (such as Amazon, Google and marketing vendors) cease the production, sale and promotion of the Work. However, We cannot control the actions or omissions of Our Contractors, or when they choose to comply with Our request.
Even after Contractors stop promoting the Work, previews and excerpts may be seen on the internet in perpetuity, long after termination. We will not be liable to You for copyright infringement, or in any other way, for the failure of a Contractor to cease the production, sale and promotion of the Work to remove an excerpt or preview of the Work after this Agreement is terminated, provided that We have given notice of the requested change to such Contractor. You will remain liable for payment of the balance due, subject to the Refund provisions below.

For Publishing Services and bundled Marketing Service(s):
● Prior to the fulfillment of Publishing Services and/or bundled Marketing Service(s):
➤ 0-30 calendar days after the purchase: 100% of purchase price, less $150 administrative fee or 10% of the purchase price, whichever is greater
● During the fulfillment of Publishing Services and/or bundled Marketing Service(s):
● NO REFUND will be granted for more than 30 calendar days after the made purchase.
NOTE: Fulfillment of Publishing Services and/or bundled Marketing Service(s) starts when:
(a) We receive your manuscript, whether in partial or as a whole, that was submitted by You, including the individuals you are exclusively authorized to embody in this agreement in either electronic or physical form, or,(b) You return/fil-out/reply to the author questionnaire/checklist/forms that we provide for the service, whether or not completed fully or correctly, or(c) We or a Contractor begin work on the Service.

5. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES:Please note that SALES ARE NOT GUARANTEED. WorkBook Press has no control over our authors’ or book retailers’ individual choices. Our firm cannot and do not guarantee a book sale, or pledge to the least accomplishment of the services availed or the quantity of book sold which may cause from any or the entirety of services. WorkBook Press’ marketing campaigns are designed to maximize a book’s sales potential, but we cannot guarantee immediate results through our marketing services.
WorkBook Press reserves the right to delay the launching of any service if the chosen order has not been fully paid yet. You may suggest a specific launching date for marketing services, but WorkBook Press does not guarantee fulfillment on the preferred date. All orders are scheduled according to a first-come, first- serve basis. Refund requests will not be entertained once the author signs and submits the approval form for services that require outsourcing to a vendor such as (scheduled book events). Nor, will the author have the option to revise the content of the approval form once it has been signed and submitted.